Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wanna Bolt Disqus to yer Blogspot?

One of my favorite reads Roy, just changed over from Haloscan/JsKit/Echo when he updated his blogspot template. Knowing that a number of parties might be wanting to attempt a move to Disqus for your commenting pleasure I may be able to help, as I have successfully navigated the installation on this blog.

First thing you will want to do is go to Disquick and get an account.There should be a big orange button that says sign up free.

Now if you already have a disqus profile with gravatational delicitude fine. but you need to set up an account for your blog. You will be directed to a page wherein you are asked to plug in the url for the blog for which you want to add the commenting system as well as the name you wish for your blog and a name that will become the location of the place at disqus where you can manage comments.

Now it wants the login information for the site moderator. If you have an existing profile, use that to log in and then hit continue and will land on the following page

Suddenly this somewhat less than helpful set of instructions begins to make sense.

 After you push the button a blogger window (or tab) will open up allowing you to set up discus from the blogspot side of the equation. I have yet to experiment with importation, but I have another couple of blogs with at least a few comments so I'll be back with word on that.

I think the most confusing thing is the fact that if you already have a disqus profile for a commenting identity, you need to set up one for the blog and be logged into that one before you can get to the page above. Once you get there, installation is reasonably easy.

Hope this helps.

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